For the 2020 model year our engineers and product testing team have been innovating and improving summer. From tweaking the details, to overhauling an entire series, there are amazing updates across the board. So dip into your dealer and experience the products we’re proud to call the 2020 MasterCraft lineup.

Consider this a primer to get you ready to rip:

PUTTING THE MORE IN ILMOR. The most efficient high performance marine engines ever made are even better on 2020 MasterCraft models. For starters, all Ilmor engines have an extended seven year, 1000 hour warranty. And we’ve upgraded the base engine across all models for more power—the 6.0L MPI is standard on all XT boats, with a 5.3L GDI available on Saltwater Series boats. X Series models score a standard 6.2L GDI, with the formidable 7.4L Ilmor as an upgrade. The XStar comes standard with a 6.2L (including Saltwater) and the ProStar pulls with a standard 6.0L. These engines are even better with improved Mechman alternators, with double the peak current output. A crank mounted raw water pump has an improved impeller life (125 hours) and it’s easy to service.

SET THE LIGHTS. Available on models with 7” and dual screen dashes, the RGB lighting update brings you an editable 12.4 million colors on all dash and accent lights across six different lighting zones. This also includes the optional underwater, cockpit and tower speaker ring lights. Choose the mood and illuminate your boat any way you like, and change things up with one finger.

THROW SOME SHADE. Sunshades turn heads, and turn your boat into a cool oasis. Available on larger X and XT models, the Sunshade clips onto the bimini top or tower, offering cool cabana coverage from bow to aft lounge. Carbon fiber poles easily attach to receivers in the deck, so it’s less work to make shade. Chill Mode just got even more chill.

MORE WAYS TO DJ. Sharing DJ duties is a privilege earned only by the most astute passengers. On X/XT Series boats with the 7” or dual screen system, a new remote feature allows stereo control from the observer side of the boat. X Series boats also get a second screen display on the passenger side for stereo controls.

PREMIUM PLUS SOUND. Yes there is something beyond premium audio, and it’s called Premium Plus. Developed with Klipsch Audio, this new top level option brings your stereo insane range, bottomless bass and even more concert clarity. A pair of floor mounted 8.5” sub-bass tuned cockpit speakers has your low end covered. We’ve also dialed in the DSP programming to add another three decibels of bass, so you will feel the difference. Up top there’s four uniquely tuned 8.5” tower speakers (available in S80 or S85 can styles) to reign thunder and lightning, or smooth jazz, if that’s your thing. The Premium Plus Stereo is available on all boats 22’ and longer.

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